After a history lesson on the Cuban Revolution, a victim of bullying starts a revolution to overthrow the autocratic regime, only to become the corrupt dictator of the playground himself. [19 min]

Bridesman (2016)

After Johnny is asked to be “Maid of Honor” by his sister for her upcoming wedding, he realizes that one of his duties is to throw the bachelorette party. Johnny, a goofy alpha male who is out of money and options, turns to the only guys he knows he can afford…Mexican Day Laborers [18 min]

For My Youth the Bell Tolls (2014)

A melodramatic boy recounts the ups and downs of his life at his 10th birthday party. [3 min]

Martha Cook (2013)

A wannabe cowboy is set up on a fake bounty for a woman named Martha Cook, only to discover that she is a serial killer. [16 min]