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How To Talk With Your Kids About Bullying

Mom and blogger, Danielle Schaffer wrote a piece on bullying and what it mean to her and her son to be a part of ¡VivaLa Revolucion!

Tony Estrada makes and appearance on Univision to chat about his film VivaLa Revolucion!’ showing at the Online Austin Film Festival.

Maite Perroni Talks to CNN about her role in“¡VivaLa Revolucion!

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Cyrus Webb of Spreaker interviews Tony Estrada for a Conversations LIVE session
Nick Mardi of Afterbuzz TV’s Spotlight ON interview with Tony Estrada

Heidi and Frank Interview with Danny Trejo
Danny Trejo delves into his introduction to the acting business, the recent opening of ‘Trejo’s Tacos’ and Bridesman (@18:05 )