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Let’s Go Dodgers: The Team America Needs

Tony and the great Mickey Hatcher at Hollywood Indies Little League Opening Day

I love the Dodgers. Since the age of three, I’ve taken in a game from almost every section of their iconic namesake stadium. The admiration continued throughout my school years. I wrote a 20-page paper during college about Fernandomania and the influence it had on the Latino population in Los Angeles, which my professor called “absolutely brilliant.” I’ve never quite understood why they have meant so much to me. I remember wanting to play for the Dodgers all the way until I was 23. There was more to that dream than wanting to be a professional baseball player with the Dodgers, and I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

There’s something special about their team this year. It’s not that they finished the season with 104 wins, tied most in LA Dodger history or on that they’re on their first trip to the World Series since 1988. It’s almost as if they are serving a greater purpose…

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