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A Man and His ‘Ole Girl’

Her bumps and bruises are representative of everything that I felt along this intense journey of personal growth.


She’s the kind of actress, generous well beyond her years, that’s earned a reputation of doing the nitty gritty character work that makes her so respected and well liked, all with the utmost humility, carrying on her job like a consummate professional day in and day out.  She doesn’t work for scale.  She is not a member of the union.  Now fifteen years old, she’s been a beloved character actor in two of my films. When people that have seen my movies see her in person, they often times stop in their tracks and say, “Wasn’t that her in your movie?” I nod, smile and say yes. If she could sign autographs and take a selfie with these starstruck folks that come across her, I think she would. …


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